About Us

Our company, S.C PUFATI S.R.L, was founded in 2007 as a family association, which deals with the purchase of the goose and duck feathers and their processing. Finished products are sold to the largest companies across Europe.
You can find Sc Pufati SRL in Salonta, located in northwestern Romania, a geographical area with an old tradition in the growth of geese and ducks. Feathers come from slaughtered animals and, therefore there are not taken from live animals.

The first operation consists in choosing goose feathers, checking them during the acquisition process and sorting them into four different categories.
Disinfection and dust removal:
Both the feathers and the goose plume go into the process of disinfecting and dust removing through a unique machine with automatic technology. Feathers and plume are not allergic, allergy is known to be caused by dust. The last stage of our process guarantees that our products are dust-free.
Finished product:
Finished products consist of a disinfecting and washable fluff in Hungary, being prepared for pillows and duvets.